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Introducing City IT SolutionsConsultancy and technology-driven solutions for your organisation

City IT Solutions is a successful consultancy. Over the years it has been responsible for delivering a number of high quality technology driven business solutions to small, medium and large organisations within both the private and public sectors. The work included a wide spectrum of business types including finance, legal, health, media, hospitality and intercontinental travel.

The founder of City IT Solutions, has over thirty years of commercial IT experience.

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Technology driven business solutions

It has the experience and expertise to enhance your operational and reporting systems whether they be desktop or web based.

Software Enhancement & Maintenance

It can provide professional consultancy and development work in a vast range of technologies including those that would be described as legacy or obsolete by the majority of the IT and business arena.

Data Migration

The consultancy has expertise, experience and with many types of data migration, including successfully migrating up to ten million records to or from the platforms listed below.

  • Oracle and open-source databases such as MYSQL, Dbase
  • Hierarchical record based schemas used by COBOL / Sage Line 100
  • Legacy mainframe file architectures that permit import/export of data via tab, comma (CSV) or other similar separation delimiter.

More Services

FeaturesSome of our features

Let City IT Solutions Guide You Away From Your Paper Based Office

Assisting small companies in their move away from non-scalable, inflexible manual labour intensive processes.

Keeping business data safe

City IT Solutions are committed to the confidentiality and protection of data, intellectual property, business practices and client trading partner/customer information.

Client Liaison

City IT Solutions can visit your company premises to audit/analyse your existing technical infrastructure and operations or to discuss in detail any known technical problems. Depending on your location and the circumstances City IT Solutions can use virtual conference facilities for a remote meeting.

Professional Support

5 days a week City IT Solutions is available via email and telephone to troubleshoot technical problems or answer questions.