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Technology-driven Business Solutions

The pool of trained technical experts will analyse in depth your company’s present business processes and seek technology to remedy identifiable weaknesses, and make it more able to be a market leader.

Unlike many other consultancies, City IT Solutions will only develop new software as a last option. If there is something already available whether it be existing software, or simply a very efficient third party out-source service which is within your budget then you will always be guided to using it.

After-all a proven tested answer to a business problem carries less risk to all concerned so has to be the best answer if it is also economic.

Examples of typical office processes we can help you with:

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  • Stock monitoring and control
  • Time recording of staff
  • Invoicing
  • General reporting processes.
  • Audit of staff activity
  • Room booking and staff rota organisation
  • Hotel booking and club membership processes
  • Improving broadband Infrastructure for buildings with more than two floors.
  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Data cleansing
  • Secure Webservices for safe access of your operations database via the web

Software Enhancement and Maintenance

If you already have legacy software which at present is not feasible to replace with new technology and maintenance or enhancement is needed then City IT Solutions has a diverse mix of old and new technology experience and skills. We can provide consultancy with most legacy or open source and Microsoft technologies.

The following lists just some of the in-house skills:

COBOL, Line 100 Retrieve 4GL, LAMP (HTML/PHP/PERL/MYSQL) C#, Visual Basic, ASP, ASP.NET (MVC and Web Forms) , Node Js, Jquery, Javascript, Foxpro, C, C++, SQL Sever, MS Access/Office etc, IIS 6 and 7

Contact us to ask about any technology not listed

Data Migration

The consultancy pool has expertise, experience with many types of data migration, including successfully migrating up to ten million records to or from the platforms listed below.

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  • Microsoft databases including SQL Server, Foxpro, MS Access
  • Oracle and open-source databases such as MYSQL, Dbase
  • Hierarchical record based schemas used by COBOL / Sage Line 100
  • Legacy mainframe file architectures that permit import/export of data via tab, comma (CSV) or other similar separation delimiter.

Contact us to ask about any technology not listed

Keeping business data safe

In addition to City IT Solutions adherence to your confidentiality and data protection, there is available expert guidance on how you can protect your sensitive data including:

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  • Advice on encryption and password systems and how access, storage and transportation of data can be made more secure
  • Website security including guidance on SSL certificates and SQL injection avoidance strategies.
  • Denial of service attack resilience strategies.
  • Staff training regarding phishing and viruses encountered via emails or websites
  • Data privacy and protection consultancy

Other services

Data Collection services

City IT Solutions can provide your company with automated web based data collection either via service portals using pre-arranged trading partner interfaces, consentual* XML or other processes typically used with BigData collection.


Let Us Guide You Away From Your Paper Based Office

The services include provision of guidance on moving completely manual office processes to technology based alternatives. If your company is not already using them it can be introduced to Spreadsheets, databases, existing or new custom tailored software to provide business IT solutions.


Advanced Product Use Consultancy/Training

We can develop macros for Crystal Reports, Excel, Word and MS Access to automate calculations, table creation or speed up formatting. Training is available in the advanced use of Excel, Word and Microsoft Access.

Personal Trainers also available for SQL Server, MYSQL, Crystal Reports and a whole host of other technologies.

Please contact us for more details